About Legal Age

I am Ari Sekmani, a graduate of BA/LLB(Hons), GDLP. Currently am law clerking at Camena Legal.

The whole purpose of creating this blog is post my legal opinions on legal cases, legal problems and the NewLaw.

The latter is transforming or should I say disrupting the legal industry faster than I thought, and more and more legal professionals are adapting to the fact that without the technology, the legal profession would be slow and murky (will develop grey hair faster).

For me technology is like catalyst by which the legal industry turns faster. Over the past many years, technology has had a major impact on the practice of law per se. With the rise of the internet, people have a much larger access to legal information on the web than they have over the past many decades. Such practice of law for legal professional is changing as well. Legal professionals once did all of their legal research using heavy books. Though, now most of that research is done electronically with legal research databases such as Westlaw, LexisNexis or Austlii.